PDF version here: Open Letter to Governor Gavin Newsom of California

Open Letter to Governor Newsom of California

7 March 2021

Governor Newsom,

My mother died in February, and her death is directly on your hands.  Her death was unnecessary and was brought about by the untenable conditions of your lockdowns.  You bear the responsibility for her death.

None of us get out of here aliveónot me, not my mother, not you.  We all have our time to leave this world, but my mother would have had more years of joy, productivity, and family time had she not been locked down by you.

My mother was a very active volunteer throughout her life.  In effect, she lived a second life for many years as a volunteer on the Red Oak Victory Ship, a museum ship in Richmond.  She also volunteered at the Pinole Senior Center.  My mother came down with an ailment in late 2019, but she was well on the road to recovery and looked forward to returning to the ship and the senior center.  She had a bright outlook ahead of her.

Sadly, because of you, her bright future was denied.  When you locked down California, the ship shut down and the senior center shut down.  My mother effectively became a house prisoner.  You don't do that to someone who is so strongly driven toward outside volunteer activity.  You robbed my mother of her second life as a volunteer.  When you robbed her of that, you destroyed her goals for recovery.  What had been a positive recovery slope reversed into a slow decline and a death sentence as she languished in her home.

You can say what you want about viruses and COVID-19, but it is not your place to force lockdowns on people.  My mother's life and future were not yours to discard on the basis that someone somewhere might get sick by a virus so dangerous that it requires a test to see if one might have it.  Simply living on Earth is a risk.  People have the individual right to choose to withdraw if they feel it's best for their safety.  It is also their individual right to exercise freedom of movement and social activity, which in my mother's case was key to her recovery and survival.  The responsibility of personal safety is that of the people; it is not yours.

The response to any given threat cannot be worse than the threat itself.  How many have unnecessarily perished or otherwise had their lives destroyed under a variety of circumstances resulting from your lockdowns?  How many suicides?  How many died due to neglect of physical health?  How many descended into debilitating depression?  How many fell into alcoholism and died?  What about drug use and overdose deaths?  Surely my mother is not your only victim.

Governor Newsom, you are guilty of crimes against humanity, and you have death and destruction on your hands.  I call for you to be publicly tried for such in a court of law.

Most sincerely,

Leslie Regier

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